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Victor Gas Coal Burner

Convert your tiny fireplace to burn gas! This COAL EFFECT gas burner fits where gas logs can't while offering a unique, historic appeal.

The VICTOR Gas Coal Burner is installed like gas logs, as a retrofit into existing fireplaces but is small enough to fit fireplaces that can't accommodate gas logs.


Specifically, the valve controls on gas logs are most often located on the side of the burner; not only does this create a wider overall appliance, additional air space - generally about 3 inches from the side wall of the fireplace - must be provided so the valve doesn't become overheated. Continuously overheated valves will eventually fry, resulting in a costly replacement.

Because the valve and controls are located BELOW the burner on gas coals, the appliance is much smaller in width, and no extra space for air circulation is required. By locating the valve and controls beneath the burner pan, adequate circulating air is provided to keep these components cool. Additionally, gas coals use much less gas than gas log burners do, reducing both the heat produced by the burner and the amount of gas being consumed.

Coal effect gas fires are partcularly well suited for smaller fireplaces in historic homes where the small fireplaces were originally designed to burn coal and the firebox depth is a challenge to fit. The Victor gas coal burner fits into fireplaces as small as 6" deep.

3 sizes offer a variety
of practical uses
for renovating
old fireplaces!

Victor 1
9" front width
14" wide at center
9" rear width
5-1/4" deep
7" tall

Victor 2
14" front width
11" rear width
6" deep
7" tall

Victor 3
12" front width
10" rear width
6" deep
6-1/2" tall



  • VICTOR gas coal burner is a vented model that requires a functional fireplace with a lined chimney that is suitable for use with wood.
  • BTU input 15,000 to 28,000; flame is adjustable
  • Safety Approvals: CSA and Massuchusetts (#G3-0506-326).
  • Bottom mounted controls stay cool to the touch and are hidden by ash covers on frets or baskets.
  • Remote control available; turn your fire on and off from the comfort of your chair.
  • Can be used in combination  for several uses with our various fireplace products: 
Use Victor burner with your choice of frets (shown right) in an existing small fireplace. Minimum fireplace size needed is 13" wide, 6" deep. 
Use Victor burner in our cast iron baskets, installed in a slightly larger existing fireplace.
Combine Victor I with our cast iron surrounds inside of an existing small fireplace.



When using with an existing antique grate:
* Keep in mind that the burner must be set on and attached to the floor of the fireplace. This means you can't set the burner up inside of the grate.

*The fire will look best if the coals are placed inside the pan burner. Putting the pan under the grate and putting the coal inside of your grate results in a separation between the fire and the coal; the coals won't glow well and it just won't look terrific, but it can be done. You need a clearance of at least 7" between the floor of your fireplace and the bottom of yur grate.

We advise that you remove the bottom from your grate to accomplish this design for the best appearance. You may be hesitant to destroy an antique, so we really recommend that you stick your antique grate away and use one of our frets or baskets. But should you be intent on adapting your fireplace by purchasing the burner separately, we do offer this option.

Our gas coal burners are vented models. This means you must have a proper chimney that is lined and suitable for use with wood. This also means if you've been told the chimney isn't safe to burn wood, don't think of converting it to gas. Have the chimney lined and/or repaired first!




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FRETS are decorative fronts that can be set in front of the Victor burner. They are both decorative and functional; a fret will change the whole style of the fireplace while also obscuring the burner controls and gas line connection



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