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Matches, Match Holders and Spill Holders

In the days before striking matches were invented, paper was rolled and twisted into tiny bits called "spills" to light the fireplace, or to transfer a flame from one stove or fireplace to another. Small splinters of wood and slivers of curled wood shavings were also carefully collected and stored in Spill Holders on the mantel or hearth, kept handy at all times for lighting the fire. Spill holders resembled vases and were commonly made of earthenware, wood, glass or metal, but decorative glass spill holders were the

"How is it one
careless match
can start a forest fire, but it takes a
whole box to start a campfire?"

most common from the 1850's to the mid-Victorian era when striking matches became affordable due to mass production.

Today, striking matches are inexpensive and readily available. Our long fireplace matches help keep your hands a safer distance from the fireplace and can be stored conveniently in any of our decorative match holders. For a different look in the off-season, try displaying your match holder with brightly colored paper spills to enhance your decor!  Hand made paper spills accompanying a match holder and fireplace matches make a unique gift that you can make with your kids or grandkids, while sharing a bit of history with friends and visitors.


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Willow Basket Match Holder
Wine Caddy
Match Holder
Eagle Long Match Holder
Fir Trees
Potty Boy Match Holder
Cone Pocket
Copper & Brass Match Holder
Betsy's Stick Match Holder
Cast Iron
Victorian Shoe Match Holder
Black Tin Match Holder
Cast Iron
Huntsman Match Holder
Rust Eagle Match Holder
Black Coal Hod Match Holder
Mary Margaret Match Holder
Olde English
Brass Tinder Box


Long Fireplace
$2.50 ( 90 ct box)


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