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Vintage Style Small Fireplace Mantels
Mantels designed to fit small & historic fireplaces

Mantels became standardized in London in the mid-1800's, providing a nominal 36" x 36" opening. (This allows a proper overlap when used with a cast iron surround). Following the dictates of London fashion, Victorian era American mantels adopted this design standard as well.

We specialize in small fireplaces and are perfectionists when it comes to style and design. On this page you'll also find mantels which are our own exclusive designs that you won't find any where else. Based on antique originals, they offer the quality you expect in furniture grade mantels that are worthy of bearing our name.

Measuring for Your New Mantel
The size mantel you choose may be limited due to several factors. You'll need a mantel opening that is at least 8" wider than your fireplace (B) on each side in the diagram below, and at least 10" taller than the opening (A). These are common safety code requirements for spark protection when burning wood in an open masonry fireplace.

Provide your fireplace measurements, referencing the diagram below:
A ______    B ______
C ______  D ______
E ______  F ______
G ______  H ______
Left Side:

I  ______
 Right Side:

 I  ______
     "I" is distance to a corner, 
        doorway, window, etc.


Assembly & Installation

Your mantel arrives in a long box with 3 sections: the breast/shelf (header) at the top and the 2 legs. Lay the shelf on the floor and bolt the 2 legs to the header.

Attaching your mantel to the wall
Mount the hanger board (included with most models) onto the wall. The hardware you use will depend upon the type of wall you're attaching to (sheetrock, brick, etc.) The underside of the mantel shelf is set onto and supported by the hanger board.

Scribe Molding (if applicable)

Once your mantel is installed, put the molding to the inside of each leg and just below the mantel shelf, attaching with small finishing nails or glue. The scribe molding fills in any gap between the leg and the inside opening of the mantel.

Shipping / Installation
These mantels ship by common carrier (freight line).


The antique King mantel, pictured at right, provided the design inspiration for our BEAUREGARD mantel. 


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