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If you'd love the look of a fireplace in any room - but don't think it's practical - a faux fireplace may be the easy answer. How to achieve the look you want is the next question. We've got dozens of ideas for you. 

The easy answer is to mount a mantel on the wall. Mantels are available in virtually endless shapes, sizes, styles and finishes. A vintage mantel might suit your needs, ranging from a shabby-chic garage sale find to a prized antique. A marble, granite or cast stone mantel may suit your decor, or you may construct a mantel of "found materials" around your home. We have a great selection of mantels, just ready for you to create your faux fireplace masterpiece. The mantel essentially provides a frame and shelf for the focal point of the room; what you put in the center depends on the level of realism you desire. Dress up the mantel with different decorations or home decor items for different holidays.
Another great look is a tiled faux fireplace. If you'd prefer for the fireplace to be removable, apply the tiles to 1" plywood, then mount the piece of plywood to victorian fireplace tilesthe wall. Keep in mind the tiled board will be heavy, so make sure and secure it well. Finish the edges with edged tile trim or wooden trim to cover the plywood edges. We have a huge selection of individual tiles and 5-tile sets to create a vintage style tile fireplace.

A mirror is great to put inside the mantel opening. A vintage or vintage style mirror may add the perfect charm, as the detailed frame will enhance your look. Or buy a frameless, utility-style mirror (commonly used in bathrooms) from a home supply store; the mirror should be slightly larger than the mantel opening so the mantel will overlap the mirror on all sides. Use candles to create real flames that will be reflected to infinity by the mirror for a stunning effect. Candle bricks, pillar candles, candelabras or a combination of candles artfully arranged will provide different moods and can be changed seasonally or to set a special mood. All white candles may set an elegant mood, while all red candles are a great choice for holiday faux fireplace with cast iron combination manteldecorating. Don't forget to add a decorative mirror above your faux fireplace to accentuate it's decorative importance in the room.

See our complete selection of tiny cast iron English style combination mantels, such as the one shown left.
Electric lights provide greater safety if you share your home with pets or children. Electric flicker bulbs and silicone dipped flame tip bulbs are available in white or flame colors, and battery operated flickering tea lights provide light even if the power goes out. You may also think of using white or colored Christmas light strands; drape them over pieces of real firewood, put them inside of a cast iron basket grate or hang them from the inside of the mantel opening to add depth to the lighting effect.

Flickering lights add movement for an especially engaging effect. For a sparkling and sophisticated holiday theme, a glass bowl filled with metallic finished glass Christmas ornaments and a strand of white lights creates a magical evening setting.
We've even skipped the mirror, and hung a large iron planter with a shelf inside the mantel opening. Add candles, a gel fire or electric tea lights for a charming and eclectic fireplace appeal.
For a chic urban look, use a large ceramic or glass bowl, electric Christmas light strands and river rocks, beach glass, sea shells or other materials that suit your design scheme.
For a more modern effect, try Himalayan salt rock lamps. They offer a soft warm orange glow AND they're said to ionize and purify the air. These salt rock crystal lamps are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Again, try a flickering bulb inside the salt rock lamp, as the movement will draw the eye and inspire a warm feeling throughout the room.

For a shabby-chic look, combine a stamped tin panel with a mantel.
An easy way to create a faux fireplace, of course, is to insert an electric log set into your mantel opening. Add a fireplace screen and a tool set, and you'll have a faux fireplace that will truly fool your guests. Enhance the look by adding pine cones atop the logs or on the "floor" of your fireplace opening, along with some real wood twigs or pine tags gathered from your yard. Fresh evergreen branches will also provide a natural fresh scent to your "fireplace". 


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